Child Seats

Minnesota law requires every motor vehicle operator, when transporting a child who is both under the age of eight and shorter than four feet nine inches on the streets and highways of this state in a motor vehicle equipped with factory-installed seat belts, shall equip and install for use in the motor vehicle, according to the manufacturer's instructions, a child passenger restraint system meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Some seats have been placed on a recall list. When a car seat is purchased, the registration card should always be sent in. If the seat has any recalls, the company will send a notice to the buyer indicating the defect. If the registration card was not sent in, the Benson Police Department has an updated recall list of all manufactured car seats.

If a car seat has been involved in a crash, it should not be used. The seats are designed to withstand the force of one crash. The webbing on the harnesses can stretch, and the plastic the seats are made of can bend and crack; both of which will make them less effective during a second crash.

Installing the seats can be, and usually is, difficult. There are several different styles and brands of car seats. The first thing a consumer should do is read the owner’s manual. This will give instructions on the proper way to install the seat. Unfortunately, reading about it and installing it are oftentimes two different things. The Benson Police Department has a technician who is always willing to help install a car seat. If questions or problems arise, please feel free to contact Officer Paula Wilson at or at 320-843-4790.




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