What can I do about Narcotics in My Neighborhood?

It is no surprise the drugs have been a serious problem for communities across America, and Benson is no exception. Fortunately, there is a lot that can be done to combat the use and sales of illegal narcotics.

Frequently asked questions to law enforcement concerning this matter are:

• How To Report Narcotics Activity?
• Are There Any Rewards Offered For Reporting Narcotics Activity?
• Can I Report Drug Activity Anonymously?
• What Information Should I Obtain Before Calling Police?

How to Report Narcotics Activity

There are several ways to report narcotics activity in your neighborhood. The police department channels these complaints to the CEE VI Drug Task Force as well as Patrol Officers for enforcement action. The following numbers may be used to report narcotics activity:

1. Citizens that have information about suspected illegal drug activity are encouraged to call the Police Department at (320) 843-4790 and ask for the Narcotics Liaison Officer.

2. If a Citizen wishes to speak with an Investigator, they should contact the Task Force at (320) 214-6700 ext 3314, during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

• Are there any Rewards Offered for Reporting Narcotics Activity?

Generally, rewards are not offered for reporting narcotics activity.

Can I report Drug Activity Anonymously?
Narcotics activity may be reported anonymously. However, it is generally preferred by Drug Task Force personnel that the identity of the complainant be obtained. This will assist officers if arrests are made and testimony in court is required. If a citizen requests anonymity for fear of retaliation or any other reason, officers will conduct their investigation without the identity of the complainant.

A citizen who has a friend or relative that they suspect to be selling narcotics may contact a Drug Task Force Agent telephonically and advise them of their situation. It is not necessary for the investigating officer to know the identity of the complainant. If the identity of the complainant is divulged to the investigating officer, that information will not be revealed to the suspected narcotics dealer if it is the request of the complainant. It is not necessary in every case that the complainant be revealed for agents to generate a case against a suspected narcotics dealer.

What Specific Information Should I obtain before Calling Police?
Several questions will be asked for the complainant to assist the investigators in resolving the narcotics complaint. The information below will give you an idea of what questions may be asked of you. This information will assist us in conducting a successful investigation.

• The location where the illegal narcotics activity is occurring.
• Whether it is occurring in a house, apartment or business.
• A complete description of the location.
• The approximate time it is occurring.
• A description of the dealer or dealers.
• The type of narcotics you suspect are being dealt or used (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.).
• Where the drugs are being hidden if the suspected dealer is selling them on the street (if known).
• Whether the suspect or suspects have ever been seen with a weapon and what type (if known).
• Whether or not there are lookouts to warn the dealer(s) of the approach or presence of police officers.
• A description of the dealer's vehicle if one is being used. License plate number (if known).

Obviously, the complainant will not know some of this information. However, gathering as much of the information as listed will be beneficial to the investigator assigned to your complaint.

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