The Minnesota Safe & Sober Campaign falls under the umbrella of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety. The program is a collaborative effort of law enforcement agencies from across the State of Minnesota that are dedicated to reducing traffic related deaths and injuries.

The Benson Police Department has been actively involved in the Safe and Sober program since 2001. Our ultimate goal is to reduce crashes in and around Benson that result in property damage, injury and death.

Our efforts range from community outreach and special programs, enforcement of traffic laws, officer training, public and media relations, displays and presentations.

Some of the activities that we participate in are:

• Community Outreach
o Mock Crash Scenarios
o Officers teach a session of Drivers Education
o Child Safety Seat Clinics
o Participation in the five-county area Safe Community Coalition

• Public and Media Relations
o Benson Farm and Home Show
o Participation in Press Conferences

• Officer Training
o Basic Field Sobriety Training
o Advanced Field Sobriety Training
o Occupant Protection Training
o Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Training

Efforts in the Safe and Sober Campaign have been very beneficial to the department and the community. Due to our extraordinary efforts, we have received several awards.

In December of 2005, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety awarded BPD a 1st place award in the 2005 Safe & Sober Challenge. The award came along with a check for $3000. These funds were used to connect the department’s squad computers to the Minnesota State Patrol’s system.

In November of 2006, the department received a “Star” award at the Towards Zero Death Conference. There were six "Star" awards given out statewide to departments or individuals that showed excellence in child passenger safety, Safe Communities, law enforcement, and engineering. Award winners are recognized for their commitment to the educational effort of changing behavior while saving lives and helping the State achieve the goal of “Toward Zero Deaths.”

In December of 2006, BPD was again recognized by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety in the form of a 1st place award in the 2006 Safe & Sober Challenge. Again, the department was given a check for $3000 and this time the funds were used to upgrade aging radar equipment in our squad cars.
The Benson Police Department has partnered with the Swift County & Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Offices and the Willmar and Atwater Police Departments since 2007 by accepting grants from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. The grants  provide overtime funding for various traffic enforcement activities.

Enhanced traffic enforcement will occur periodically throughout the year. Enforcement activities will address Seat Belt Use, Driving While Intoxicated, Speeding, and other traffic related offenses. Extra police officers will be working, specifically concentrating on traffic-related offenses.

We are participating in this program to improve traffic safety in our community.

Please obey all traffic laws and drive safely.




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